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What men think every day?

As Channel 4’s Jon Snow admits that he thinks about sex every time he meets a woman, we reveal the truth about our carnal urges

Men, we know, are from Mars, and women are from Venus. Mars, in this metaphor, is a place of carnal obsession and emotional autism; a planet whose inhabitants think about sex every seven seconds and get in fights all the time. Venus, by comparison, is a warm and hospitable place of social interaction and empathy, but not a great deal of sex. So the popular wisdom has it.
Jon Snow, the Channel 4 newsreader, is from Mars. “Sex comes into every evaluation of a woman, there’s no doubt about it,” he said in an interview last week. Every time he meets a woman, he weighs her up as a potential sexual partner, and, he thinks, other men do the same. “It’s a natural animal element of sustaining life.”

If we believe the stats, thinking about sex every seven seconds adds up to 514 times an hour. Or approximately 7,200 times during each waking day. Is that a lot? It sounds like a big number to me, I’d imagine it’s bigger than the number of thoughts I have about anything in a day. So, here’s an interesting question: how is it possible to count the number of mine, or anyone else’s thoughts (sexual or otherwise) over the course of a day?

The interesting thing about the study was the large variation in number of thoughts. Some people said they thought about sex only once per day, whereas the top respondent recorded 388 clicks, which is a sexual thought about every two minutes.

The real shock from studies are the relative unimportance of sex in the participants’ thoughts. People said they thought more about food, sleep, personal hygiene, social contact, time off, and (until about 5pm) coffee. Watching TV, checking email and other forms of media use also won out over sex for the entire day. In fact, sex only became a predominant thought towards the end of the day (around midnight), and even then it was firmly in second place, behind sleep.

What’s the research tells: Sex is always on men’s mind, it is a necessity—the coming question is: Where to solve it?

4 benefits of adult massage

Most people enjoy the idea of getting a massage. Massages can come in a variety of forms including gentle massages, deep-tissue massages, shiatsu massages, adult massages and even some types of an erotic massage. No matter the type of massage that you get, there are many benefits to go along with it. Below are some of the top benefits to take into consideration.

1. Health Benefits
A sensual massage is s great option to incorporate some sense of touch to any adult sexual activity. Couples from around the world use it as a way to not only feel better, but also to achieve a great connection with their partners.

2. Stress Relief
Adult massages are a great way to overcome stresses in your life. Many therapists have said that massages exchanged between partners is a great way to improve one’s ability to experience pleasure and can help strengthen a bond between partners. Stress can have a very negative affect on our lives. Getting regular massages can keep your stress levels lower so that you can face life’s challenges easier.

3. Improves Relationships
Exchanging erotic massages with your partner is a great way to get closer to each other. Not only will it help you and your partner have a better physical bond, it can help you both become closer emotionally as well. Taking some time a few nights a week to pamper and please each other will help you have a stronger, long-lasting relationship.

4. Awakens Senses
A good erotic massage between partners can work to activate whole-body healing. Not only can it help to melt away stress, it can be good for healing sore muscles and helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Getting and giving adult massages can help you to explore new types of pleasure in creative ways. You can use touch, massage and eye contact to connect with your partner and create a conscious and deep connection with each other. When done right, it can close any illusion of separation between partners and create a sense of oneness. Visit www.westminstermassage.co.uk if you would like to learn more.

The benefits of getting and giving adult massages are many. It can offer health benefits and emotional benefits on top of strengthening a relationship between two people. It is a great way to relax, connect and explore new pleasures with an intimate friend or lover. Getting a massage shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be something that people include into their lives on a regular basis because of the many great benefits of them.

3 ways make woman love you better

While there’s no fool-proof way to attract a girl, there are some things you can do to make it more likely that you’ll claim her attention. Build your confidence, learn what to say to her, and how to act around her and you’ll be attracting a girl in no time!

Practice good hygiene. The definition of hygiene very much depends on where in the world
you are. Certain places have higher or lower standards of hygiene and you’ll be more likely to attract a girl with more or less cleanliness. (For example: if you lived in rural Alaska, you would probably attract a girl with less cleanliness than Los Angeles.)

Bathe at least once a week. This is, obviously, just a guideline, but it’s a good idea to clean yourself at least occasionally. While there is research that supports women finding men’s sweat attractive, you don’t want to overwhelm her with your sweat.

Keep your clothes laundered. Again, a little sweat and a little scent isn’t a bad thing, but you want your clothes to be at least moderately clean.

2. Make sure your teeth are clean and fresh. White teeth are definitely a sign of attractiveness. More than your physical features a girl is likely to be attracted to clean, white, healthy teeth, so make sure that you’re brushing twice a day, at least, and flossing regularly.

White teeth are one of the first things women (or anyone) will notice, so it’s important that you take good care of them.

You also want your breath to smell good, which means brushing your tongue, as well, especially at the back of your mouth.

Use your clothes to enhance. Clothes can be an important indicator of confidence, and of
attractiveness. Again, it really depends on where you are in terms of your main wardrobe (what goes over well and is necessary in rural Alaska is going to be very different from what is necessary and stylish in Los Angeles). There are a few basic things to keep in mind, however.[3]

Make sure your jeans, or whatever trousers you’re wearing, fit you. Clothes that fit can enhance your body. Baggy clothing hides your body, or makes you look sloppy, while too-tight clothing looks good on basically no one.

Buy nice shoes. While not all girls are obsessed with shoes (or clothes) a good pair of shoes can make you look put together, which is something a girl will register, whether she does it subconsciously or not.

Pick colors that work with your skin tone, eye color, and facial features. If you have a nice pair of green eyes, wear a forest green sweater that makes them pop. Red and black are very good colors to wear if you’re looking to attract. Both red and black make you appear more powerful.

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